Thursday, 28 June 2012


Don't forget...
Another Penrith sewing day coming up on 8th of July.  
We need six ladies to come.  We are going to be making the laundry bags and they are super super easy.  I will provide all materials and instructions where needed.  Please contact me if you can make it.

We have had lots of new requests in the last few days and so far all of them are allocated except for the very latest - a female.  
Anyone out there want to make a girly quilt?  
Just leave a comment or send me an email and I will send you the details.  The deadline is not so tight on this one as our usual requests as I think you could have till the end of July, or maybe even a little longer to get this one in the mail.  

Talking of mail - here is some happy mail that I received and haven't had time to show you.

Maria, one of the original Aussie Hero Friends, (can't say one of the oldest as that just doesn't sound right) made these quilt tops and sent them to me.  
First up love this red and blue and a smidge of white - so bright and cheery!

This one features another fabulous donated tea towel surrounded by snippets of aussie country side fabric.  

Check out these two disappearing nine patch top - the same fabrics but two different layouts and both quilts look so different.  Both are getting different backings too - one has wonderful zebra fabric that I have been saving (has exactly the same green in it!).  Haven't decided on the other one yet   Maybe a cream coloured scroll fabric.  

Can't decide which one I like best.
Just as well I don't have to.

I am so excited to say that more quilters are hearing about us and joining in - I am sure there are even more out there that I haven't heard about.  Just wonderful.

Just a reminder..
Tomorrow night I will be showing all the quilts that have made it into the mail this week.  
If you have sent one can you please make sure I have a photo of it to include.  
So far I have Nancy's, Liz's and Christine's.

And I got asked to go and speak to the St Matthew's "Coffee &Discovery Senior's Group in Baulkham Hills  in November.   As I said before, just as well public speaking doesn't scare me - oh thank goodness for my Junior Officer Staff Course in the Navy.  That training is going to come in handy - just not how they expected it to.

Till next time.........keep spreading the work and happy stitching!


  1. Wow, they are all gorgeous!!! There are some very lucky soldiers who are going to get some fabulous packages!!! Thanks to all of your for your efforts.

  2. Gorgeous quilts once again.

  3. Lovely quilts! Now, who's going to pop the video of you speaking onto Youtube? How 'bout our own Aussie Hero Quilts Youtube Channel!

    Sent my June BOMs to you yesterday. I must apologise about the size- I made 6 before I realised that the paper needed to be cut at 8.25 inches and not 8 and 1/2 inches- when I was trimming them, I wondered why they looked a little wonky! I've left the extra trimming to a professional!

  4. Beautiful quilts!!! Have just sent you pic of my 2 that went today.