Monday, 25 May 2015

Messages from AQC

G'day.  In preparation for the Australasian Quilt Convention that we attended just before ANZAC Day Lynn made up around 200 simple blocks with Calico centres and scrappy borders.  I can't remember whose idea this was but given the response these will become standard issue when we attend a quilt show from now on I think. 

We carried these to Melbourne and set them out of the tables. As people stopped to talk to us we asked them if they wanted to write a message for the troops so that it could later be incorporated into a quilt.  In the end every one of those two hundred blocks was completed.  

Sue O'D who had been in Melbourne with us took some home to make up into quilts.  This week I received the quilts that she made. 

 Don't they look great.  The only problem is that you can't read the messages in these photos so I have taken some close ups of some of the best for you.

So that is two quilt's worth. I still have blocks left.  Is anyone interested in making up a quilt or two from these blocks?

I have enough blocks left for one quilt on point and 5 straight.  The blocks will need to be alternated with plain squares of other pieced squares.  How you put them together is entirely up to the quilter.  Once complete you will be able to send them off.  

Personally, I think these quilts need to go where all can see them and enjoy them and I am thinking of liaising with various contacts in each of the areas we send to in order to see if each location, Kabul, Kandahar, South Sudan, Iraq etc would like to have a quilt to hang in a communal area.  What do you think?  Please let me know if you have any objections to this plan.

Cheers for now

Till, next time...................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Friday, 22 May 2015

Weekly Dispatches 22 May 15

G'day all.  Another week has flown by.  I attended a gathering of quilters called the Southern Zone Regional Get Together on Wednesday and met a few of our quilters.   

I also met a mother who came up and told me that her son, currently in Afghanistan, has just received a quilt and a laundry bag (from Nancy and Julie Ann).   

I also had a lovely surprise when another woman, who knew I was going to be there brought me her son-in-law's quilt to use during my presentation - see below.  She said he let her borrow it to show me but then it had to go back so he could put it bag in his swag which goes with him every deployment.    Big thanks to him for letting her bring it for me.  

Yesterday I spent time with the Dolphin Quilters from Old Bar.  Louse was kind enough to be my gracious hostess for both nights and Diane and her husband Tom, whose adult children are all serving members, hosted Louise and I for dinner on Wednesday night.  Thanks to all for their hospitality.  These ladies are pictured here with some of their awesome Aussie Hero Quilts.   The photo does not do these justice.  Thanks muchly ladies.

And now on to the show and tell from this week.

598 quilts and 817 laundry bags for 2015. 

4183 quilts and  6264 laundry bags in total.

Ann S


Cheri W

Dolphin Quilters 

Donna P 

Evelyn and Robin

Fran T 


Jacqui S

Jean B

Jenny F

Joan and Elizabeth

Kate K 

Kay C



Lisa C

Lisa N

Lynn, quilted by Robin and the crown added by me.

Lynn and quilted by Debbie

Lynn and quilted by Lisa N


Marg C


Norma and Nancy

Norma A and Debbie

Pam M (VIC)


Help!  I somehow deleted the name of the quilter and I can't track it down - this is the front 

and this is the back.  Please let me know who made it.

Rita M 

Sue N 


Till next time............... keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx