Thursday, 7 February 2019

Melbourne Catch Up......

Hi All

In February I am heading to Melbourne for a very short visit so I thought it might be nice to arrange a catch up if any recipients and quilters are interested.  The plan is to get together somewhere in Kew for dinner or perhaps drinks and nibblies. It depends on how many people are interested and can make it.  Also, as it is a "school" night, it depends on what time people can get there if they are working during the day.

So, the details.... 

  Date :Tuesday  26 February.
Time : 1900
Where : a restaurant in Kew.  
Exact location to be advised once we have an idea of the numbers. 
Cost: more info will be available in due course but you will be required to pay on the night.
Who: quilters, recipients, supporters

If you are interested in coming along please email me on 

Hope you can make it. 


Jan-Maree xx

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