Thursday, 27 April 2017

Even little things will make a difference.... #yessheserved

Last week I raised the issue of female veterans being questioned about their medals... are they wearing them on the correct side, did they earn them etc... 

Tonight I received this email from one of my quilters who served and whose husband is also a veteran. 

"I read your  blog with interest tonight.(I read it every night😊)
I am so glad you had a wonderful  day even though it was very emotional as always.
I did mention we were in XXX this year as XXX was doing the key note speech.
I have never  before been questioned why I wasn't wearing my medal on the other side of my chest. I have been asked what it represented and had lovely responses  when I have explained.

This year I had a middle aged woman ask an ex army (female) veteran and myself why we didn't have our medal on the other  sides of our coats. We both  explained why and she was quite happy with our  explanation.
I found I was more surprised by her question as her father  is a veteran  and also  the President  of the XXX RSL.

Before my husband commenced his speech he commented he would like to do something different before he began his address . 
He told the audience  of the discrimination our female veterans faced when wearing their medals, the percentage that are in the armed services and where  they are serving.
He then asked any female that was wearing medals on the left side of her breast to stand so everyone could acknowledge  her  service. 
There were only 2 of us and the applause  was deafening.
Even though my service was just over 50 years ago and totally different  than the service today I felt so very proud to stand and say I have served my country.
Very emotional  but oh so proud. 

Just thought you would like to know we are trying to get the message out there  way down here in the  sticks.☺"

Thank you so much! This was a lovely simple gesture and though there were only two female veterans there if only one person walked away enlightened then that is an achievement.

Till next time ....... keep spreading the word....   #yessheserved

Jan-Maree xx