Thursday, 16 March 2017

Letter of Gratitude

Dear Mrs Ball,


1.         I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for the quilts and laundry bags that have been made with thoughtfulness and care by yourself and your team of volunteers. These quilts and laundry bags are very popular amongst the deployed personnel within the Middle Eastern Region and they generate a great deal of morale and excitement, which is very important when we are living away from our families.

2.         These quilts and laundry bags, that are individual, expertly made and generously donated are greatly appreciated and provide a personal touch to each of our members. We thank you all for your continued support since the foundation was started back in January 2012.

3.         We were saddened to hear that you lost your family home back in June 2016. It was humbling to see how the Australian public rallied around not only you and your family but the foundation.

4.         Please pass on our thanks to all the volunteers that have been involved in the making of more than 5000 quilts and 8000 laundry bags that have been sent to deployed personnel and thank you all for your continued support and efforts.

Wing Commander
Chief of Staff

Air Task Group