Sunday, 14 February 2016

It is Valentine's Day today....

Let's take a moment to acknowledge all the Valentines that cannot be together because half of the is on duty, whether on deployment overseas or elsewhere in Australia.

Thank you to all of you for your service and the sacrifice that service asks of not only you, but also your loved ones. 

I am sharing this on the Aussie Heroes Facebook page today.. so here is it for the Non-Facebookers.  I wrote this last year for Valentine's Day.


We are waiting at the airport as today you go away
You are heading overseas again, I always dread this day.

You have a job to do and you do it very well
What you face while gone is something on which I try hard not to dwell

I tell you that I love you and I also say out loud
That to stand by you in uniform just makes me very proud

But I hate it when you leave and say that last goodbye
It's impossible, though I try hard, not to let you see me cry

For the months will seem far longer than months would normally feel
But I married you for good and bad and this in the deal

You won't be here for birthdays, anniversaries and the like
You will miss your only chance to teach your son to ride a bike

You will miss you brother's wedding, and it seems so very cruel
That you won't be here to share the excitement of your daughter starting school

These are things that I must face, with a smile, but on my own
I know you will be there in your heart but I will still go home alone

I will get the mower out, get the car checked or repaired
I will look after all the things at home and tell you how I faired

I will try not to worry when you don’t skype or ring
But I love the reassurance that talking to you will bring

The kids don’t understand, just how long your trip will be
So I will make a chart and mark the days – something that they can see

We will mark the days off one by one till your trip comes to an end
And all the while we will pack the boxes and write letters we will send

At last the countdown can commence perhaps with ten to go
The excitement as the days come close I cannot help but show

We are back off to the airport, this time the mood’s upbeat
The kids are singing in the car – wriggling in their seat

We join the throng of families, all waiting just like us
The press is there with cameras to capture all the fuss

At last the doors are open and our Heroes come on through
The kids and I stretch up tall to catch a glimpse of you

You’re there in cams, I see you now, the waiting time is done
You’re back with us, there’s lots of hugs and a kiss for everyone

We collect ourselves and grab the bags, turn and head out to the sun
You are home with us again now….. and safe…… at least until the next one.

JMB 14 Feb

Till next time... hope your Valentine's Day is happy. 


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