Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mystery Boxes by Kylie Kenny Part Two of two

Welcome back, I hope you've all had fun making your 'stratas' or 'units' thus far.....today we're going to reveal the final stages of making these great quilts, and as you'll see, they're sew easy to make.

Step Six:

It is now time to join the pieces into blocks.
*** Note, if your feature fabric squares/blocks are directional (they have a right way up), read the notes at the bottom before joining.
1.     Join the shorter segment to the right hand side of your feature square/block.
Iron, pressing the seam allowance toward the feature square 

1.     Join the longer segments to the bottom of the block – to make 36 blocks.
2.     Iron the seam allowance either way, whichever sits flatter.

** If you are making the blocks with directional feature fabric squares/blocks, this step gets a little tricky - For each co-ordinating colour:

Make 3 blocks that look like this (start with the short segment down the right hand side): 

Make 3 blocks that look like this (start with the short segment across the top):

Make 3 blocks that look like this (start with the short segment across the bottom):

Make 3 blocks that look like this (start with the short segment on the left side):

You can now lay out your quilt – it is 6 blocks across by 6 down and the layout can basically be described by referring to the placement of the feature square (or follow the diagram):
Row 1: Top left,  bottom left, top left, bottom left - making sure you alternate the colours.
Row 2: Top right, bottom right, top right, bottom right - making sure you alternate the colours.
Row 3: Same as Row 1.
Row 4: Same as Row 2.
Row 5: Same as Row 1.
Row 6: Same as Row 2.
***Note: If you are using 3 co-ordinating fabrics, the colours should run diagonally across the quilt. If you are using 12 co-ordinating prints just lay them out randomly in layout you like.

AHQ Quilters:

Join the quilt blocks into rows, as if making a big quilt, however instead of joining into one big quilt, leave it in two halves which are 3 x 6 blocks. This means you end up with two tops that are 33 ¾” x 67 ½”. Add a 1” inner border (cut 1 ½”) followed by an outer border cut 3 ½”. This will make your quilt 42” x 76” – the perfect size for an AHQ quilt.


Once you have joined your top together – add borders. I added an inner border cut 2 ½” followed by an outer border cut 5 ½”, but it is up to you.

A smaller version (3 x 5 blocks):

A different colourway:

 The full quilt:

Another couple of quilts by students:

These quilts are made splitting the blocks in half and making two tops instead of one.

The PDF can now be downloaded HERE or on the Tutorial tab at the top of the page at a later date (without having to scroll through the general blog to find it).  For more of Kylie's patterns, please visit her ETSY Shop.

Thank you so much Kylie, for sharing not only a great quilt pattern, but also for amending it and including instructions for AHQ.

Hugs & Stay safe


  1. Thanks for a great tutorial Kylie. This pattern looks perfect for an AHQ.

  2. Greatd design - the purple/pink/yellow/black jpg's make me think of licorice allsorts!!

  3. Now I can see the design the pattern is great and does make an effective quilt. Love the colours in the brown one and the red, white and blue.