Thursday, 5 July 2018

Meeting the Invictus Games Team

 Hi all, 
I have been so busy of late that I have not had a moment to myself to let you know that I went out to Narrabeen to meet this year's awesome Invictus Games Team recently.

I was given the opportunity of speaking to the team to let them know how proud we are of them, how we will be cheering them on and also to let them know that we will be making them all quilts and laundry bags this year.  

When I announced they would all be receiving quilts as well as bags this year I received a rousing cheer, such was their enthusiasm.  

One gorgeous girl later came up to me with teary eyes and thanked me... 

"I have been following the work of you and your team for some time now - since I have been out of the (Miliary) for three years I thought there was no way I could have something as special as a quilt you and your team create. I just want you to know, that this touches my heart more deeply than I can say. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

This gorgeous fellow came up and asked if he could give me a hug -  yes, I took one for the team :-D

I do love hugs! What can I say!

The athletes are really excited to see what is being made for them.

And some, like this lovely young lady, made a special point of saying thank you for the one that she got last year. 

This gorgeous girl is not in the team this year but was helping out and she confessed that she won't use the bag she got last year as it is just too special. 

Another fellow there said that he loves his bag and has used it every time he travels since.  One fellow, whose photo I missed getting, also made a point of thanking me for the quilt and bag he received when he was in South Sudan on deployment.  A number of those who had received quilts and bags in the past passed on their thanks. 

I am very much looking forward to taking some of our quilters and laundry bag makers with me to present the quilts and bags when the time comes. Details not available yet. I will notify the relevant people when the time comes. 

I have just bought my tickets for some of the events and ticket sales for the Closing Ceremony will be available soon.  Make sure you don't miss out!

Till next time.... keep spreading the word and make sure you cheer on our Incvictus Team when the time comes!


Jan-Maree xx

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