Thursday, 22 March 2018

Quilts for the Small Chapel in Kabul......By Lynn

Prior to Christmas last year I was with Jan-Maree on a Veterans Support Day at Avalon and she very kindly asked me to oversee the construction of 4 special quilts.  AHQ had previously had the honour of making some quilts for the Rallypoint Chapel in Kabul where five quilts were hung around the walls, along with another one behind the altar, and they brightened the rather plain area immeasurably. 

Jan-Maree explained to me that the Chaplain had again asked us to make some quilts to be used as wallhangings to decorate a smaller upstairs Chapel as it looked rather bland  She asked me to contact the Mystery Quilt Group (some of the ladies who often help me by making themed blocks for inclusion in request quilts).  She outlined the idea she had in mind which was to use a simple block designed by Sandy C.   We discussed the idea of making this set of quilts to stylistically represent simple stained glass windows.

I sent out an email to my group the very next morning and they all jumped on board and undertook to get the blocks to me as soon as possible.   Sure enough my cutting area (yes, my kitchen bench) soon looked like Christmas come early as the gorgeous, bright blocks arrived.

As JM and I had planned, I then set to work sewing appliqued  inspirational words onto themed fabric for inclusion – one on each quilt.  The blocks were trimmed and set together and once the borders were installed they went to Wendy F for quilting.  We discussed the quilting needed and decided that as the object was to have them look like simple stained glass windows she should keep the quilting simple as well.

Once quilting and binding was completed on all four I had the pleasure of packing them into 4 post boxes along with some lollies that never go astray, I am sure, and sending them on their way.

When they arrived the Chaplain contacted us immediately with an interim photo and promised some other photos as soon as possible. 
 He wrote:-  

Good morning Lynn,

the four quilts have arrived safely and look amazing.  I am trying to arrange to get them put up ready for this Sunday and will take before and after photos and send to you.  They really will transform the whole look and feel of our smaller chapel.  Thank you so much to the whole team for all they have done.  Will send update and photos as soon as they are available.
God's blessing,

It is rather special to see them all in place around the walls of the small Chapel, the happy faces of the Chaplains and to know that once again Aussie Hero Quilts has been able to let all the troops serving over there know that we support and care for their comfort.

Stay safe. x