Thursday, 9 March 2017

Catching up.......

Well I am getting there. I still have loads of emails, messages etc to answer but I am getting there.  
Thank you so much, to all of you who shared my post on Tuesday night.   Your support means the world to those of us who sew and also to our Heroes who we seek to support and recognise with our quilts and laundry bags!

Only a short post tonight.  

Last night I was the guest speaker for International Women's Day at the Upper North Branch of the Rotary Club.  More than twenty years ago, Tamara and I served together in Canberra in the Navy.   We had not seen each other since then until we sat one row apart at Government House in April last year when we attended the same Investiture after receiving our OAMs.  What a reunion!   It was lovely to spend a bit of time with her last night as well.
If you have deployed to Timor Leste, as Tamara has, you might like to check out what she is doing now..... Tamara's charity, Pittwater Friends of Soibada's Facebook page can be found here and it is worth checking out. 

We had a fairly full house and my presentation was well received.  

Bev U came along to help me out and after telling our story we showed some of our quilts including a special small one we have made to feature the three service crests so we can explain how we use them.

We show several quilts including some personalised ones, one each in Army, Navy and Air Force themes and then a Wounded Warrior Quilt and a Fallen Warrior Quilt.   We also show a number of laundry bags.

I love the fact that often times that some men come along with token enthusiasm but once they hear the story their attitude changes.   They don't just hear a story about quilts but they learn what they mean to our men and women.

There were a number of ex-service personnel in the audience who approached me and expressed their appreciation for what we do.

It is always a pleasure and a privilege to tell the Aussie Hero Story and last night was no different but it was just a little bit special as I was the guest of someone I once served with.

I am sorry to those who are waiting for me to post the Happy Mail pics. I will get to it but I am trying really hard to catch up on all the emails that have been coming in so once I get those under control I will be able to get to the mail. 

Till next time.... keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx


  1. Great Post, and did I spy a photo of the group of us at Poppy's after the Harmon dinner on the only claim to fame LOL