Friday, 16 December 2016

Weekly Dispatches 16 December 16

Second last weekly Dispatches before Christmas....

Some more awesome quilts and laundry bags have headed off this week.
Just before show and tell though a little business.

Around this time of year I try to take a little break.  I still answer emails, put out request lists and publish posts on the blog but instead of publishing five nights a week, I take it down to three nights a week til around the end of January.  

I am hoping to fit in a bit more sewing than I usually do during the rest of the year... basically when I am not out with friends or cooking etc at home, I intend to be sewing and I can't wait.

During the year I only get to sew on Sundays if I am lucky. I tell people that if I socialise with you on a Sunday then I must really LOVE you!  Ha Ha.  Fortunately my husband usually goes gliding on Sundays and my sons are rarely around so I am left in peace at my sewing machine.  So late December and January are my main sewing times and I intend to revel in it..... 

We have a last sewing day at Penrith tomorrow, the ladies there are DEDICATED and then tomorrow night will find me with the Christmas Carols blaring in my sewing room/office as I clear the decks, tidy it up and prepare for my sewing SEASON!!! 

The next sewing day at my home is 30 Dec. ALL welcome.  I will be sewing too, I hope, and if you would like to join us just message me or email me so that I am prepared. No point coming if I do not have things for you to do.

So if you are wondering why there are less blog posts during January that it why.  Of course if something special happens I will add an extra post or two.

And one more quick one.... do we have anyone near Caversham in WA who makes laundry bags could you please email me.

So now enjoy the second last Weekly Dispatches before Christmas!

So far for 2016 we have sent off 2770 laundry bags 

which brings us to a total of 13029 since we started...


We have also sent 1337 quilts 

bringing our total since we started to over 6627 quilts

These BOMs were put together by Sandy and then the quilt was quilted by Anne McG

Ange D 

Ange H 

Leanne took some BOMs, needed some more so Helen Q made some more and then Leanne put them all together. 

Carol W 




Janet H 

Jess T 

Joanne H QLD

Joy H 

Kaye G 


Lorraine H 


Lyn K  

Pauline F 


Robyn B 

Robyn W and the ladies from Maitland Patchwork and Quilting.

Ruth S 

More BOMs put together by Sandy and quilted by Anne McG




Till next time.... good luck getting all your Christmas shopping (and stitching!) done... keep spreading the AHQ word and happy, happy stitching!!

Jan-Maree  xx


  1. Love the fabric on the 2nd laundry bag... what a great selection

  2. Another fantastic collection.