Thursday, 5 May 2016

Invictus.............Uncoquerable............Team Australia!

If you are on Facebook then it is highly likely that you have heard about the Invictus Games. In fact the games have been featured in main stream media even more this year so the chances are that you are aware of it. I wanted to share this here tonight to make sure that as many of our Aussie Hero audience as possible are aware of it as our way of supporting the team. 

Some of this I have already shared on Facebook but you may not have seen it. 

The Invictus Games, presented by Jaguar Land Rover, will see Wounded, Injured & Sick Servicemen & women compete in Orlando, 8th-12th May 2016.

The Australian team of 40 inspirational athletes departed yesterday to complete their preparations in Orlando.   The games start on Sunday 8 May to Thursday 12 May.

The Invictus Games is an international adaptive sports competition for serving and former serving wounded, injured and ill athletes. It provides a vital opportunity to support their rehabilitation and recovery.  This year the squad includes 20 Australian Defence Force (ADF) and 20 Returned and Service League (RSL) athletes.

There will be competition in 10 sports including swimming, track and field, archery, wheelchair rugby and cycling events.
Track and Field

Seated Volleyball

Track and Field

Wheel Chair Basketball 

Wheel Chair Rugby

 You might have seen the funny promo video that Prince Harry and the Queen made for the Invictus Games...... well here is the Aussie answer to it..... check it out here

Australia's involvement in the Invictus Games is part of a broader adaptive sports program sponsored by the ADF and RSL in which current and former serving wounded, injured and ill members participate in a variety of competitions, primarily in the United States and Canada.
The Invictus Games squad includes adaptive athletes across all three services; three representing Navy, 31 from Army and six Air Force members.

Commencing May 9 you will be able to watch the live coverage of the Invictus Games sporting events from 9 am on FOXTEL ESPN2 and ESPN2 HD.
Event coverage includes:
May 8
Opening ceremony
May 9
Power lifting finals
Cycling finals
Rowing finals
Archery Finals
May 10
Track & Field finals
Sitting volleyball semi-finals
Sitting volleyball gold & bronze medal matches
May 11
Swimming finals
Wheelchair rugby semi finals
Wheelchair Tennis semi finals
Wheelchair rugby gold & bronze matches (plus exhibition match)
May 12
Wheelchair tennis finals
Wheelchair basketball semi finals
Wheelchair basketball gold & bronze matches

Closing ceremony

So lets get behind the team and let them know we support them. Aussie representing Australia in an international arena in sport, it does not get much more Australian than that!

Till next time..... GO TEAM AUSTRALIA!

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