Friday, 13 September 2013

Weekly Dispatches 13 September

The tally so far.  

21 quilts this week and 36 laundry bags.  

1041 quilts and 1912 laundry bags for 2013.  

2048 quilts and 3276 laundry bags in total.  

The Old Bags and the Dag have been busy again.   
They have completed two more quilts but I am only showing you one today as I don't want to spoil the surprise for the recipient with the second one!

I will be getting better pics of the quilt but we all like to check up on the residents so here showing off their two amazing quilts are Nellie,Harold,Julie Murphy, Director of Nursing, Margaret and Audry

This is another one of our joint projects.  Love these BOM stars.

Another of our gentlemen quilters has posted off  - this one by Lindsay.


Janine arranged a laundry bag lesson day for two friends of hers, Alison O and Jenny L.  This is the fruits of their labour.  Janine created this one.

And these two.

Jenny L's work 

And Alison's efforts.

And the three lovely ladies themselves.



Janet V created and sent me this quilt.  If you would like to know who it has gone to Janet just get in touch.  

Julie Ann



Louise made the top and Kim B quilted it


Meg created this quilt top

Pam Y


Stephanie D

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Spare a thought though for our wonderful Heroes who don't actually get weekends.  Sending lots of love to you over there - stay safe!

Till next time...................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx


  1. Another awesome effort, Well done everyone. They are all super!

  2. What a feast of quilts and laundry bags - so many people sewing and so many exciting parcel to be opened soon.

  3. Stephanie D...Can you please share a pattern for that awesome quilt?