Friday, 7 June 2013

Weekly Dispatches 7 Jun

The tally so far-

24 quilts this week and 66 laundry bags.

561 quilts and 1207 laundry bags for 2013

1578 quilts and 2581 laundry bags in total.

Enjoy the show tonight!  Not sure what posts will go up this weekend.  I have one son home from boarding school from tonight till Monday morning and the other son is having his 17th birthday party for anywhere up to 25 guests on Monday night - and I am doing the catering!  So, posts may be a little brief! but I am sure you will cope.


Fran T


Jeann used some BOMs from Liz J and others to create this quilt 

and appliqued photographers on it

How cute!

This quilt is off to someone from 1CSR and their emblem is the Red Tailed Black Cockatoo!

Jeann has even quilted them in the borders!

Jo P


Julie Ann

Just had to show you the close up of this cool fabric!  

 Just have to show you a close up of the patch that Julie Ann printed out to add to each bag

Kaylee's reversible laundry bag - front 

and back

  and the back

Kiwi Karen

  and the back with some special New Zealand fabric on the back



Liz J

 and the back 

Louise quilted by Stephanie

Another quilt by Louise and this one quilted by Kim

This quilt top made by Lynn and quilted by Kim


Pam Y

Stephanie T

Sue N

Sue N


Till next time................keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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