Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday 7 April

Happy Birthday Ruth!  Hope you have had a lovely day and have been spoilt rotten by your friends and family!
Oh and enjoy your trip - you lucky thing!


Loads of messages to share with you all today. 
Two letters and a postcard arrived in my mail box last week and they just made my day.

This first one is rather special, and as I don't name personnel or their positions, I can not tell you who it is from but suffice to say that this gentleman is in a senior position and we have sent quilts and laundry bags to many of his troops.

Dear Jan-Maree
Thank you very much for the wonderful and thoughtful laundry bag that I received today.   It seems to me to be far too grand to put dirty laundry in!  The personalised initials, boar's head and cricket theme make it very special indeed.

May I also thank you and your magnificent team for their overwhelming generosity in making the many hand-made quilts and laundry bags that we have received since we have been in Afghanistan.  The colour of your quilts brighten up many an otherwise dark barrack room, and the sight of the laundry bags all lined up in the laundry add personality to a routine but crucial process.  The thoughtful and personal messages that accompany your handiwork bring a much appreciated reminder of home to our soldiers.

Your team are truly an amazing group of people.  Volunteering their time and resources to provide us with a small reminder of home, with something practical as well, is deeply appreciated.  We cannot thank you enough.  

Again thank you very much for the wonderful laundry bag that will always remind me of how so many people are behind us in the mission we are currently undertaking in Uruzgan.

Dear Jan-Maree,
Just a quick note to say thank you for the laundry bag.  I am very much looking forward to my quilt and will cherish it as a memory of my time here.  Please pass on my appreciation to your band of merry quilters  - each laundry bag and quilt is a reminder of home that I and, I believe my colleagues are very grateful for.  

Dear Jan-Maree
Thank you for the quilt and laundry bag.  I am a huge dog person so the fire trucks and dalmations are excellent.  Knowing that we have support from people back home makes life a bit easier over here.  So sleep well and know that you have kept a Sapper warm this winter.
Many thanks to you all

and some of you also received some gorgeous thank you messages.

Hello Annette and Lynne,
  Today, I received your quilt as a result of my contact with Jan, Aussie Hero Quilts.  I am very grateful to receive such a item of dedicated skill and thought. It certainly has brought a smile to my face, and will certainly be put to good use. It is humbling to accept such a gift of gratitude from Australia.

Thank you very much, it will be used extensively whilst here. It is clearly evident by the quality, that you have placed a great deal of effort in making it. The quilt has brought dramatic colour to an otherwise drab room. I know that retiring to my room now will be far more enjoyable after the long days.

I know of several soldiers, sailor and airmen (and women) that have received a Hero Quilt. Each of them speak very highly of the initiative and of each  quilt.

Again, thank you for your thoughts and gift.

Hey Melissa,
You made me the St George laundry bag
I would like to say thank you very much  for the laundry bag.
I really appreciate it.  Say thank you to your family for their help in making the bag for me.
 Thank you again

Good Morning Joan &Rob,

I thank you very much for the laundry bag. It has certainly brightened my room somewhat and made me the envy of many during washing times.. These little displays of love and support go along way in helping our people know they are thought.

Your ministry is having a great and positive impact.

Hi Sue N,

Just to let you know that I received another box with four laundry bags in it earlier this week, and that I've distributed them to those in the TG (task group) who still don't have one (there can't be many now!) I'm guessing there are a few Toy Story fans out there as when I set your bags out in a central area for people to help themselves, it isn't too long before they are lifted!

Again, many thanks for your very kind gesture: it is always much appreciated.


Hi Jeann (and Jan-Maree),
I have just received your gorgeous quilt. What a lovely piece of work and it has brightened up my morning at work!! The colours are fantastic and I loved the fluoro koalas on the back :) Also, the laundry bag is wonderful - thank you so much for personalising it with my initials - I'll never lose my washing again!!
It is such a lovely gesture that you dedicate your time and efforts to produce these quilts. As someone who can barely sew on a button, it amazes me and will be something I can take home and keep forever.
If you are able, please also thank Dorothy who made the hour glass blocks for my quilt and anyone else you know that contributed in some way.
We work with great people over here and we are looked after quite well, but it's still such an amazingly warm feeling to receive packages from Australia, particularly as after being here awhile, I can feel like 'home' is just a figment of my imagination.  It also doesn't help that within a few weeks of coming here, you start calling your room 'home'!!
I have attached a photo of myself (on the right) and my colleague (whose quilt was made by Maddy) with our Aussie Hero Quilts. He received his not long ago and we now both have them on our beds here - it really helps to personalise your space. 


Dear Judith
 Thank you, thank you … THANK YOU so very very much for the beautiful quilt that you created for me.  It arrived in the post today and will be the highlight of my deployment.  It will also be a wonderful keepsake of my operational service and something to hang proudly in my study when I get home. My best friend contacted AHQ to request a quilt for me and this has touched my heart as much as your quilt. I am overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.
Once I get a photo showing off my quilt I will email it though to you.

Kind regards

Hello Rita M,

My name is XXX- I am one of the 7 RAR TG members who works over in Afghanistan.

I am writing to thank you for you wall quilt you made the TG. We really appreciate you taking the time out of your life to  make us something special, we appreciate your support and kind words of supporting what we stand for. The flying pigs are especially cute - I love the final touches you put on there.

Below is myself (on the left) and XXXX holding up your wall hanging, we are locating a spot today for it to be placed.  

The work you ladies with Jan-Maree do is always noticed, whether its having light banter on who has the best laundry bag, or showing off the quilts you ladies make for us. We really adore the support you ladies show us.

Thank you for being your caring selves.

Have a lovely day

And one of my favourite messages came from someone who had received their own quilt and requested two for two others.  I emailed her to let her know that the third quilt was on the way and received an email saying thank you and how excited the recipient was and then I received this email.

XXXX received her quilt a few days ago too and loved it.  I found it (and mine!) on one of your blog posts last night.   There are some gorgeous quilts being made and I cannot believe how many have been made so far this year!  Amazing effort.  I know you hear this all the time but we are so blessed to have people like you and your quilters to create such beautiful things for us over here.   Enjoy your weekend!  
Well, whether you think of Sunday as the beginning of your week or the end of your week I think this is a good way to start or finish any week .

All the best for the coming week everyone!

Keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. A most wonderful and joyous read as always,

  2. I love seeing the smiles in those photos.

  3. That is awesome. Makes me ready to go and sew some more.