Sunday, 12 February 2012

I spy a laundry bag or two

I can finally show you a few more photos.  I received these at the beginning of the month but I never assume that just because I have received the pictures I am allowed to publish them.  I always ask first and because the guys and gals are working so hard over there it can take a while to get a response.  In the first two pics you can see the laundry bag that I made for our first female soldier.  She is the one who sent me these pics.

 In this picture you can see another of the laundry bags that we made with NM on it.  You can see how they stand out from all those while mesh ones.
 And this is our female soldier's bed with her quilt on it.  You can see it is a bunk bed and the shelf unit you can see hangs on the bottom of the bunk above.  
The following is a snippet of her latest email just so that you get an idea of the current conditions - 

"Yep we have no electricity or hot water and limited laundry facilities. We get electricity for work but not in accommodation so it gets really cold at night time. We can only shower at certain times I had a shower yesterday int eh dark as they had alreayd turned the electricity off and luckily there was still some hot water left so it was interesting lol." 

Man!  Am I glad that we sent them quilts before Christmas!

Till next time........keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


  1. Finished three bags this afternoon and have already put them in the wash to make sure they don't run.

  2. Can you send me the dimensions for the laundry bags Jan-Maree? I'm thinking I'll try to get some of these done for the first postage month for you too...

  3. Love the photo's and great that you are allowed to share... the quilt looks just wonderful on the bed and so inviting after a long day xxx

  4. Big claps and applause to all you that have been giving your time for this project. I have just done a post on my blog to help spread the hubby has been deployed for a month now with three and a half months to go. I have just been given the free address to send a parcel to him which really is exciting to say the least. A big THANK YOU for all you do and for everybody else helping...hugs Khris

  5. Great photos Jan-Maree. So good to see the quilts and bags in use.